Project Overview

Flight Delay Pass gives users the option to relax for free in an airport lounge when their flight is delayed. The brief was to design an optimised landing page and eDM concept, based on the actively running marketing campaign (Online + eDM).

The Problem

Each airport has many lounges provided by multiple airlines. Even though it sounds easy, the challenge was to make the registering and activation of any flight with the correct airport lounge available and smooth experience for the user.



Flight Delay Pass gives access to airport lounges with the collaboration of a MasterCard product, called KeyLounge.

I have developed a research document, that also reveals a useful API-Data from the KeyLounge site that can be accessed through the landing page.



The initial wireframes were following a certain structure and outlined specific sections.

In the second stage of wireframes, everything was more detailed with the functionality of the carousel and design of instructions and FAQ



User Journey

All communications surrounding this campaign (mobile/desktop) are pointing to the landing page as a conversion point. The homepage includes a link for users that got there via search results.

From there the user either follows through to get more info via the FAQ or clicks through to the FDP registration page. Users who like the service and don’t have a 28º card yet might want to apply.