Project Overview

I was tasked with looking at the current state of Nando’s Menu and eventually evolving into a digital food ordering system.

The Problem

Nando’s prides itself on offering customers the ability to customise their meal, however this adds complexity during the ordering process for both the customer and Nando’s staff.


Looking at the current menu from a UX perspective, breaking it apart and finding some good insights.



I have then deconstructed the menu items and found double up in items and redundant sections.

An optimised structure that includes a flow going through the food order.


Menu Wireframes

The resulting wireframe talks about the brand and lets customers combine their food individually – and also opens up on interactive food orders with mobile handsets.


The Future of Dining

At the same time I was looking into the future of dining where research investigation showed a trend in interactive menu ordering.

With this in mind, I’ve created a user flow ordering with your mobile, which can be initiated on the printed menu structure with a QR code.