Metaverse Retail Store Configuration Tool – Concept

A dynamic shop floor creation tool, that is built on the user’s preferences and which can be explored in VR

The Problem:
With the topic designing for the metaverse  comes a whole new challenge. More and more multiverse platforms are being generated, targeting different audiences and purpose, and retail will be one of the biggest opportunities. 

How to create the best shopping experience for a product? How does it feel like and more important, which ideas or styles are working the best? Additionally, what about to let the user decide in which environment they want to browse through their favourite products? How can shop outfitters plan and explore with new materials before build?

The Solution

We wanted to design a dynamic tool, using a multitude of product parameters, data inputs and APIs to visualise and inspire for the best setup or even a customised version that can be build or visited on a virtual platform.

Who is this for?

  • Product Owners

  • Retail Shoppers

  • Shop Outfitters

The user then chooses from a range of parameters like materials, styles or shapes and then configures the visualisations of each on the fly

Future versions

• Unlimited parameters and layouts

• Voice to OpenAI for true dynamic configuration

• Import custom product

I was leading a small team of designers and developers, facilitated  ideation workshops and designing prototypes in 3D using Unreal Engine 5.

With the final concept ready to explore, I recorded the animation directly in UE5 and using video editing tool like AfterEffects for post-production.