RMIT Online – Website Portfolio

Project Overview RMIT Online is one of the leading online universities in Australia and is constantly growing and expanding its student offer portfolio. The website and frontpage of RMIT Online needed to show the complete course catalog with all information while strongly communicating the RMIT credentials and the benefits of studying online.   The Challenge

Quit Victoria – UX/UI Optimisation

Project Overview The task was to conduct a review on the current Quit Victoria website landing pages and hub-pages, making recommendations on how the user interface could be enhanced to optimise page flow, functionality and user goals – based on a mobile first approach. The following screens show the document I’ve put together to highlight,

Red Cross – Blood Donation

Project Overview The Australian Red Cross briefed us to assess their current site designs they are about to launch – with the focus on creating donation appointments – and give a recommendation of UX optimisation.   The Challenge The client needed help with the appointment process and briefed us to optimise and enhance the experience.

Latitude – Use Your Card Landing Page UX

Project Overview One of Latitude’s biggest credit cards is the 28º travel card, which promises no annual fees and foreign currency exchange fees. To communicate the benefits, the landing page shows examples of what the card can be used for. But the current page had some pros and cons and was overall too static.  

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