Concept – Metaverse Retail Store Config Metaverse Retail Store Configuration Tool – Concept A dynamic shop floor creation tool, that is built on the user’s preferences and which can be explored in VR The Problem: With the topic designing for the metaverse  comes a whole new challenge. More and more multiverse platforms are being generated, targeting different audiences and purpose, and retail

RMIT Online – Website Portfolio

Project Overview RMIT Online is one of the leading online universities in Australia and is constantly growing and expanding its student offer portfolio. The website and frontpage of RMIT Online needed to show the complete course catalog with all information while strongly communicating the RMIT credentials and the benefits of studying online.   The Challenge

Nandos – Menu UX and Mobile Food ordering

Project Overview I was tasked with looking at the current state of Nando’s Menu and eventually evolving into a digital food ordering system. The Problem Nando’s prides itself on offering customers the ability to customise their meal, however this adds complexity during the ordering process for both the customer and Nando’s staff. Research Looking at

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